“If I Had A Valentine…”

“If I had a Valentine…”
I would mail him lots of love letters.
I want to be all that there is.
I know that you love me. Love…
Yesterday I glimpsed your face.
Tonight I will dream of you.Sad Valentine
“If I had a Valentine…”
Would that be enough?
Holidays that pass and I am all that there is.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“Why can’t you hear me?”
My poem hurts you.
Read it again Valentine.
Your love defeats me. Defeated I stand.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“If,” and not, “I have…”
Poetry in motion.
Experience that doesn’t compare to you.
I have experience.
You and your hair.
This, I remember. This, I adore.
“If I had a Valentine…”


[ “If I Had A Valentine…” original poetry series; 02-19-99 ]




This beautiful country that I’ve never visited.

The sand is black and the ocean is vast.

Culture, history preserved.

There is knowledge in Italy.

My Bible speaks its truth. The Vatican.


I crave Italy, its people, its passion.The Vatican

Rhythm for the duration.

In Italy I am a foreigner.

American soul come belong.

I venture and I love.

I love inside a venture.

Italy calls to me.

I listen, though, I do not understand.

How is love? How?

I am here yet I do not see me.

Where is my country?

In the culture, this is my root. First beginnings.

Underground is a river where princes bathe there.

I dream and in the morning cleansed.

Tears hath beseeched me.


Every insecurity inside of me.

I am alone as they are upon my face.

Faces only skin deep.

Touch my face it is real yet alone.

I feel it. I know it. I call to it.

Yet, alone.

Two people.

One home, another overseas.

Each reaches out a hand.


A flower and a key in a window.

Missing him…

Window art.

Looks like love.

Feels like pain.

Viking/Anglo-Scandinavian ‘Voided’ Key

Viking/Anglo-Scandinavian ‘Voided’ Key

Plumeria Alba/West Indian Jasmine Flower

Plumeria Alba/West Indian Jasmine Flower

Hurt like sex.

Tastes better than shame.


His teeth. Gold.

Pearls in a row.

Smile for me.

Do it inside of me.

Rest at my thigh.

Romantic interlude.

Complex continuance, skill.

The hands of a chef.

His hair. I’ve lost my keys.


I crawled inside his eyes and died.

#Suicidology #SuicidePrevention #ACTS Helpline (703) 368-4141 Support Action in Community Through Service https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1426967

I’m bleeding… Someone knock at the door.

Lies, lies like maggots on a rotting corpse.

Can’t a mother bear her child?

Pretty pink bracelets.

Open those scars.

You are not your sister the woman.

You are dead.

Friendship or Death?

I cannot stay inside my hole.Friendship or Death

I must come out and make you whole.

Through all the worst and at your best.

In me find your confidant, a bosom to rest.

Lest I should be left to my deathbed.

Build no bond to a foe, breathe me instead.

Injustice and candor, a few of my words.

Love lift me up and I’ll sing to the birds.

A beautiful song, a pretty girl.

Tattered old beads or lily white pearls?