Go gently then come back unto me.

Sovereign wisdom whispers to coupled embrace.

Autumn Storm by Gun Legler

Autumn Storm by Gun Legler

Harmonious is a cool breeze.

Deep contentment securely resting, hum.

Soft misty rain trickles with drips and drops.

Cozy crisp autumn winds.

Blades of grass sway as the dew drops dangle.

Gently gently go.

Go gently then come back unto me.

Careful caress of willowy drift.

Sweet slumber graced by the subtlety.

Snuggle near blessed cradle, whip.


The Little Things

…and when I think real hard.

Of course, I can remember letting go.The Little Things

A cloud drifted right by.

I didn’t even smile.

That is the day that I decided.

I knew deep down what was needed of me.

To stop and marvel.

So abundantly glistens these little treasures.

Sultry aroma infused air from morning coffee brew.

Giddy at the sight of a boisterous toddler waddling.

I dare not free myself from all passersby.



Earth within its eternal being.
Deeply imprisoned at the wake of the hour.Pottery
Ethnic elixir. Indigenous.
Callous indifference to a barbaric creation of life.
Stonewashed blood.
Mirror’s reflection.
Secret’s chime.
A walk within me.
Molded bittersweet symphony.
Soft feet beyond wooden walls. Muse.
Innocence grasps at time.
Pure and honest exalting remedy.
Colosseums, vases and rudimentary tools.
Its texture is locked away almost forbidden.
Beautiful selfishness.