Erotic Fantasy


Erotic Fantasy_WordPress

Last night’s erotic fantasy you were the star.

Picture an evening among friends.

Good times, plenty of cheers.

The night is young when you suggest we ride out.

Back at the ranch we pause for a moment.

You lean in for a kiss under the moonlight.

Ravishing my body and exposing my breast.

The lion-heart in you devours my nipple.

The gentlemen in you neatly tidies my blouse.

Come inside you say.

I take you up on a nightcap.

Let’s listen to good music and enjoy each other’s company.

Get comfortable.

Taking off your shirt to reveal your chest.

Get closer.

A kiss on the lips before I travel lower and lower.

You can’t wait to undress me, so I oblige.

Leaving me with only secrets to cover my body.

I won’t stop until I taste this happy ending.

That was round one.

I rest my head against your hunky shoulder.

We lay relaxing while I finger the hairs on your chiseled chest.

Gazing out along the coastline at a brilliant moon.

Insatiable fires erupting inside you thrust your body now riddled by sudden bursts.

So titillated I tease your manhood which lightly wets my fingertips.

It arouses me to see you this vulnerable and raw.

Can I taste it again I say?

Next picture yourself getting more aggressive with each deep stroke.

Round two ends as rough and vigorous passion grips you.

Both of us on the verge of reaching a full climax.

Vaguely dazed.

Savoring the high.

Reaching for me, pulling me into your rugged arms.

Straddling you, kissing you.

Suddenly hoisting me up and carrying me to the bed.

Imagine removing my panties then tasting me like I tasted you.

Now I lay subtly smothered by the weight of your towering physique.

You feel so good is what you whisper.

Then you turn me over and lean deep into the small of my back.

Envision us in the final round of an erotic fantasy.

Fondling the curves of my silhouette in the darkness.

Admiring every detail on my delicate frame.

Holding me tight as we drift off.

Unbridled desire abruptly summons you from sleeping.

With a burning need to consummate your lust.

After only penetrating me rest finds you again.

I welcome you in and there you’ll remain.

As unexpectedly as you awoke, deep sleep greets you once more.


“If I had a Valentine…”


“If I had a Valentine…”

I would invite him to Easter Sunday.

Of course he wouldn’t go.

‘Cause it’s Valentine’s Day.


“If I had a Valentine…”

Fast Company and the Gucci Killer?

Valentine, Valentine, Valentine…

Surely one day you’ll read me and then.

Then the day shall come.

A great awakening.

“If I had a Valentine…”

If and still no have.

Maybe I should rob a jewelry store and have them make me a grill.

Smile for me daddy, I wanna see your grill.


Pearls in a row I swear.

Jail gates.

“If I had a Valentine…”

Fuck it man, fuck it.

Fuck me.

Little play on words.

Happy FUCKING Valentine’s Day!

Black Lives Matter


“A system in which public policies, institutional practices, cultural representations, and other norms work in various, often reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial group inequity. It identifies dimensions of our history and culture that have allowed privileges associated with ‘whiteness’ and disadvantages associated with ‘color’ to endure and adapt over time. Structural racism is not something that a few people or institutions choose to practice. Instead it has been a feature of the social, economic and political systems in which we all exist.” -Author Unknown

No Tears

Why can’t I cry?

I have no tears.

Drowned by sorrow all of these years.No Tears_WordPress2

You’ve broken my tears.

And even though you are not here,

How can I cry when I have no tears?

It isn’t fair, loving you the way that I do.

My heart never listens to my head.

I want to cry deep down inside.

But I haven’t any tears.

The welling is there, yet the tears won’t drop.

Think I’ll go stand in the rain.

In hopes of imitating the pain.

Truth is I’d rather be here alone,

Than to taste the bitterness of your love.



Prize Fighter

Lukewarm is the challenge,

UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold

UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold

More fearless is our champion.

The prize in sight and undeniable.

With relaxed resolve he envisions the opponent;

Focused, only believing in self.

Trusting in himself.

Sights trained and locked on glory.

Impeccable physique matched by flawless technician.

His is a warrior’s quest to achieve greatness.

Battlefield life takes no prisoners,

Nor leaves no man standing.

Inside the octagon, his life and legacy reign undisputed.


UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold | Prize fighter on a quest for glory /


“Dalla: Caruso” by Luciano Pavarotti

Qui dove il mare luccica e tira forte il vento
su una vecchia terrazza davanti al golfo di Surriento
un uomo abbraccia una ragazza dopo che aveva pianto
poi si schiarisce la voce e ricomincia il canto.
Te voglio bene assaie
ma tanto tanto bene sai
h una catena ormai
che scioglie il sangue dint’e vene sai.
Vide le luci in mezzo al mare pensr alle notti l` in America
ma erano solo le lampare e la bianca scia di un’ elica
senti il dolore nella musica si alzr dal pianoforte
ma quando vide la luna uscire da una nuvola
gli sembrr dolce anche la morte
guardr negli occhi la ragazza quegli occhi verdi come il mare
poi all’improvviso uscl una lacrima e lui credette di affogare.
Te voglio bene assaie
ma tanto tanto bene sai
h una catena ormai
che scioglie il sangue dint’e vene sai.


Go gently then come back unto me.

Sovereign wisdom whispers to coupled embrace.

Autumn Storm by Gun Legler

Autumn Storm by Gun Legler

Harmonious is a cool breeze.

Deep contentment securely resting, hum.

Soft misty rain trickles with drips and drops.

Cozy crisp autumn winds.

Blades of grass sway as the dew drops dangle.

Gently gently go.

Go gently then come back unto me.

Careful caress of willowy drift.

Sweet slumber graced by the subtlety.

Snuggle near blessed cradle, whip.