Erotic Fantasy


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Last night’s erotic fantasy you were the star.

Picture an evening among friends.

Good times, plenty of cheers.

The night is young when you suggest we ride out.

Back at the ranch we pause for a moment.

You lean in for a kiss under the moonlight.

Ravishing my body and exposing my breast.

The lion-heart in you devours my nipple.

The gentlemen in you neatly tidies my blouse.

Come inside you say.

I take you up on a nightcap.

Let’s listen to good music and enjoy each other’s company.

Get comfortable.

Taking off your shirt to reveal your chest.

Get closer.

A kiss on the lips before I travel lower and lower.

You can’t wait to undress me, so I oblige.

Leaving me with only secrets to cover my body.

I won’t stop until I taste this happy ending.

That was round one.

I rest my head against your hunky shoulder.

We lay relaxing while I finger the hairs on your chiseled chest.

Gazing out along the coastline at a brilliant moon.

Insatiable fires erupting inside you thrust your body now riddled by sudden bursts.

So titillated I tease your manhood which lightly wets my fingertips.

It arouses me to see you this vulnerable and raw.

Can I taste it again I say?

Next picture yourself getting more aggressive with each deep stroke.

Round two ends as rough and vigorous passion grips you.

Both of us on the verge of reaching a full climax.

Vaguely dazed.

Savoring the high.

Reaching for me, pulling me into your rugged arms.

Straddling you, kissing you.

Suddenly hoisting me up and carrying me to the bed.

Imagine removing my panties then tasting me like I tasted you.

Now I lay subtly smothered by the weight of your towering physique.

You feel so good is what you whisper.

Then you turn me over and lean deep into the small of my back.

Envision us in the final round of an erotic fantasy.

Fondling the curves of my silhouette in the darkness.

Admiring every detail on my delicate frame.

Holding me tight as we drift off.

Unbridled desire abruptly summons you from sleeping.

With a burning need to consummate your lust.

After only penetrating me rest finds you again.

I welcome you in and there you’ll remain.

As unexpectedly as you awoke, deep sleep greets you once more.


Red Lipstick

I can see the color.
Although we do not speak.Red Lipstick
She is proud, she is on his arm.
Bright red lipstick.
The kind that stains.
She is old, yet ancient.
Poor taste.
In the seat.
Grabbing my reigns.
Hold tighter, sure not to fall.
Return them when you are done.
The blood red on her lips is fake.
The blood pumping through the pain in my heart, real.
How can you sit there?
If only I could hear your sweet voice say my name again.
What happened to us, where is the truth in that?
Sitting beside her.
It’s almost summer.
Beginning of spring.
The edge is crooked and the page is blank.
It’s dark right now.
If I read louder? Explain.
Phony red lipstick, his kisses on them real.
I am just me.

I love…

Love loving love.Love and Lust
Loving to love inside of being loved.
I love that man.
This is a love.
Face familiar and sweet, captivating.
Gentle to his hand.
Open to his lust.
“You love me don’t you?”
Inside myself he lays,
As we lay together inside the other.
Passion ours.
What is it that love loves?
Peaceful tears, maybe.
Innocence unleashed.
Sex, after lust, before love.
He is inside of me.
They are surrounded by us.
Deepest in my heart of hearts.


“If I Had A Valentine…”

“If I had a Valentine…”
I would mail him lots of love letters.
I want to be all that there is.
I know that you love me. Love…
Yesterday I glimpsed your face.
Tonight I will dream of you.Sad Valentine
“If I had a Valentine…”
Would that be enough?
Holidays that pass and I am all that there is.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“Why can’t you hear me?”
My poem hurts you.
Read it again Valentine.
Your love defeats me. Defeated I stand.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“If,” and not, “I have…”
Poetry in motion.
Experience that doesn’t compare to you.
I have experience.
You and your hair.
This, I remember. This, I adore.
“If I had a Valentine…”


[ “If I Had A Valentine…” original poetry series; 02-19-99 ]

“If I Had A Valentine…”

“If I had a Valentine…”
I would serve him breakfast in bed every Sunday morning.Sad Valentine
And at night if he asked me to sing him a song before he went to sleep;
The sweetest of melodies whispering gently to his ears.
“If I had a Valentine…”
Rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.
Bubble baths for two.
The smell of jasmine in the air.
“If I had a Valentine…”
Feeling like a million dollars with my Valentine in my arms.
Just put it in the bag. Valentine I love you and all your dirty.
“If I had a Valentine…”
Looking in his eyes would inspire me to write him a poem and share it with the world.
Of course, I don’t have a Valentine but if I did, “Good golly!” He’s gonna think I invented sex.


[ “If I Had A Valentine…” original poetry series; 02-09-10 ]