No Tears

Why can’t I cry?

I have no tears.

Drowned by sorrow all of these years.No Tears_WordPress2

You’ve broken my tears.

And even though you are not here,

How can I cry when I have no tears?

It isn’t fair, loving you the way that I do.

My heart never listens to my head.

I want to cry deep down inside.

But I haven’t any tears.

The welling is there, yet the tears won’t drop.

Think I’ll go stand in the rain.

In hopes of imitating the pain.

Truth is I’d rather be here alone,

Than to taste the bitterness of your love.




I love…

Love loving love.Love and Lust
Loving to love inside of being loved.
I love that man.
This is a love.
Face familiar and sweet, captivating.
Gentle to his hand.
Open to his lust.
“You love me don’t you?”
Inside myself he lays,
As we lay together inside the other.
Passion ours.
What is it that love loves?
Peaceful tears, maybe.
Innocence unleashed.
Sex, after lust, before love.
He is inside of me.
They are surrounded by us.
Deepest in my heart of hearts.