“If I had a Valentine…”


“If I had a Valentine…”

I would invite him to Easter Sunday.

Of course he wouldn’t go.

‘Cause it’s Valentine’s Day.


“If I had a Valentine…”

Fast Company and the Gucci Killer?

Valentine, Valentine, Valentine…

Surely one day you’ll read me and then.

Then the day shall come.

A great awakening.

“If I had a Valentine…”

If and still no have.

Maybe I should rob a jewelry store and have them make me a grill.

Smile for me daddy, I wanna see your grill.


Pearls in a row I swear.

Jail gates.

“If I had a Valentine…”

Fuck it man, fuck it.

Fuck me.

Little play on words.

Happy FUCKING Valentine’s Day!


No Tears

Why can’t I cry?

I have no tears.

Drowned by sorrow all of these years.No Tears_WordPress2

You’ve broken my tears.

And even though you are not here,

How can I cry when I have no tears?

It isn’t fair, loving you the way that I do.

My heart never listens to my head.

I want to cry deep down inside.

But I haven’t any tears.

The welling is there, yet the tears won’t drop.

Think I’ll go stand in the rain.

In hopes of imitating the pain.

Truth is I’d rather be here alone,

Than to taste the bitterness of your love.




“Dalla: Caruso” by Luciano Pavarotti

Qui dove il mare luccica e tira forte il vento
su una vecchia terrazza davanti al golfo di Surriento
un uomo abbraccia una ragazza dopo che aveva pianto
poi si schiarisce la voce e ricomincia il canto.
Te voglio bene assaie
ma tanto tanto bene sai
h una catena ormai
che scioglie il sangue dint’e vene sai.
Vide le luci in mezzo al mare pensr alle notti l` in America
ma erano solo le lampare e la bianca scia di un’ elica
senti il dolore nella musica si alzr dal pianoforte
ma quando vide la luna uscire da una nuvola
gli sembrr dolce anche la morte
guardr negli occhi la ragazza quegli occhi verdi come il mare
poi all’improvviso uscl una lacrima e lui credette di affogare.
Te voglio bene assaie
ma tanto tanto bene sai
h una catena ormai
che scioglie il sangue dint’e vene sai.

“If I had a Valentine…”

All the things that could and should be,
Swallowed up deep inside the void that was once my heart;
“If I had a Valentine…”
You will never be caught in the thunderstorm,Sad Valentine
The down pour of my sweet caress,
All the things that could and should be,
Dancing under the rain in celebration of love’s union
As we are serenaded by our favorite song;
“If I had a Valentine…”
Amidst thunder and lightning in the only embrace I ever cherished
Gazing into each others eyes for what seems an eternity,
All the things that could and should be,
Every year passes by with a lingering hope,
Waiting for the feeling that my heart once knew to return;
“If I had a Valentine…”
This day of all the days seems to cry out your name,
Whipping winds whisper I love you in response.
All the things that could and should be,
“If I had a Valentine…”


[ “If I Had A Valentine…” original poetry series; 10-23-12 ]

Red Lipstick

I can see the color.
Although we do not speak.Red Lipstick
She is proud, she is on his arm.
Bright red lipstick.
The kind that stains.
She is old, yet ancient.
Poor taste.
In the seat.
Grabbing my reigns.
Hold tighter, sure not to fall.
Return them when you are done.
The blood red on her lips is fake.
The blood pumping through the pain in my heart, real.
How can you sit there?
If only I could hear your sweet voice say my name again.
What happened to us, where is the truth in that?
Sitting beside her.
It’s almost summer.
Beginning of spring.
The edge is crooked and the page is blank.
It’s dark right now.
If I read louder? Explain.
Phony red lipstick, his kisses on them real.
I am just me.

I love…

Love loving love.Love and Lust
Loving to love inside of being loved.
I love that man.
This is a love.
Face familiar and sweet, captivating.
Gentle to his hand.
Open to his lust.
“You love me don’t you?”
Inside myself he lays,
As we lay together inside the other.
Passion ours.
What is it that love loves?
Peaceful tears, maybe.
Innocence unleashed.
Sex, after lust, before love.
He is inside of me.
They are surrounded by us.
Deepest in my heart of hearts.


“If I Had A Valentine…”

“If I had a Valentine…”
I would mail him lots of love letters.
I want to be all that there is.
I know that you love me. Love…
Yesterday I glimpsed your face.
Tonight I will dream of you.Sad Valentine
“If I had a Valentine…”
Would that be enough?
Holidays that pass and I am all that there is.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“Why can’t you hear me?”
My poem hurts you.
Read it again Valentine.
Your love defeats me. Defeated I stand.
“If I had a Valentine…”
“If,” and not, “I have…”
Poetry in motion.
Experience that doesn’t compare to you.
I have experience.
You and your hair.
This, I remember. This, I adore.
“If I had a Valentine…”


[ “If I Had A Valentine…” original poetry series; 02-19-99 ]